Friday, 22 February 2013

Mother's Day Contest

Con-fused Arts are passionate about supporting women and wants to celebrate mothers and mother figures around the world. We’re launching our first themed contest on Pinterest and you’re invited! Get that creativity going, because we’re looking forward to seeing some gorgeous inspirational boards to celebrate your mum in 2013.
To enter, create a board, title it “I love Mum” then add a description to your board. Make sure your board contains the above competition pin above, 3 jewellery pins from our "We Love Mum" board in no particular order. In each pin’s caption, include the hashtags #Con-fusedArts and #Mother's Day. When your board is perfect, share it with us by posting a comment on the original contest announcement pin, with a link to your board, located in our “We Love Mum".
Make sure to check the details below. Your board could win one of Con-fused Arts jewellery pieces that you pin to your new board and inspire our future trends throughout 2013!
  • You must follow @confusedarts on Pinterest to enter.
  • Contest ends 5th March 3pm GMT.
  • Each pin must include the hashtags #Con-fusedArts and #Mother's Day.
  • Only one entry board per person.
  • Boards will be judged based on creativity, Con-fused Arts spirit and adherance to the guidelines.
  • The winner will be notified by e-mail March 2013. In order to be notified, please sign up by clicking HERE.
We can’t wait to see your creative, beautiful work you share with us, feel free to also share on Facebook and Twitter as well! Most of all, have fun!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Do the green thing does Valentine's Day!

 After Christmas, Valentine's Day is one of the biggest waste producing days of the year. Over a billion cards get posted and untold amounts of unwanted, unloved and un-inspired tat gets presented in pink and red wrapping.

Free yourself from the consumer-driven Valentine's Day and instead celebrate it with a bit of upcycled thinking and some crafty ideas. We've picked five of our green gift ideas to help you spread the love.

1. Happy memories
Gather up all the photos, cinema tickets, love notes and that beer mat from your first date and glue your way to a collage of love.

2. The way to the heart is through the stomach.
Bake their favourite cake, cook up their most loved dinner and if you want to add the extra bells and whistles then almost anything can be heart shaped. Cookies, cakes, pancakes, waffles, sandwiches, fried eggs, omelettes, pizzas, the list goes as far as your imagination and kitchen prowess.

(Image: abeachcottage)

3. Flowers forever
Forget single wrapped red roses and bunches of flowers that will die before the weekend hits, give the gift that keeps on giving - a packet of seeds for your beloved to grow their own bunch, be it flowers or carrots.

4. Weekend away
If no Valentine's Day is complete without a huge romantic gesture then forget writing a message in the sky and whisking them away to a secluded island. Book the Eurostar to Paris and walk hand in hand through the city of love. Or try Amsterdam for a less obvious trip.

5. Get your craft on
If you're the kind of lover that likes to show your love in glue and glitter then the possibilities are endless. And you don't need a craft box full of expensive materials either. Collect sticks for a hanging wooden heart, turn newspaper into heart bunting or fold your way to these adorable origami hearts with a message of love hidden inside.

And remember, showering together saves water and if the night goes well then don't forget these.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

How The Law Of Attraction Loves You Back - Kate Spencer 

This month's blog is slightly different, Con-fused Arts are not just about luxury ethical jewellery but also about supporting women issues including confidence and self-esteem. We are excited to share with you a guest blog from Kate Spencer of The Life and Soul coach, on the subject of Law of Attraction and our opportunities in love. 

It’s the time of year when our attention turns to romance, and whether you are single or attached you can engage with The Law of Attraction to draw in more of the experiences that you want and less of what you don’t. We are all a combination of energy and this includes thoughts, feelings, beliefs and experiences and The Law of Attraction works by bringing to you a match to your own energy signature. In essence you attract what you are, and this is based on the thoughts and feelings that you are sending out there into the universe as they are magnetic. 

If you are in a relationship that could do with a side order of sizzle and you are in a place of thinking “my love life stinks”, then the universe will send you a match to that thought and things will never improve! Likewise if you are single and wishing for that special someone to sweep you off your feet with hearts and flowers, it’s likely that you will be sending out thoughts like “I’m lonely, I don’t have anyone in my life.” Again in terms of energy you will find that you get a direct match to this and that no one shows up. 
This is where affirmations can really help you and yes it does feel a bit fake to begin with but you know what they say, “fake it ‘til you make it!”. Affirmations change your thoughts and then your feelings and gradually the signal that you are sending out to the universe in order for you to get a different result. Make sure that they are in the present tense and positive. Starting with “I AM” gives them more impact and power.
So depending on your situation, you could try some of the following:

“I AM in a loving and stable relationship where I am cherished and adored.”
“I AM attracting the perfect partner for me.”
“I AM sexy and loveable and my life experience reflects this.”

Sending you love & blessings this valentine’s.

Kate Spencer

 Author of 12 Lessons ~ The 5 star reviewed debut novel from Kate Spencer that is changing lives all over the world. 
“Bridget Jones meets The Secret”
“This is chick lit for the intelligent woman”
“Quite simply the best book that I have ever, ever read. Changed my life entirely.”